Organic Farming

Mitons Ecofarm is an ecofarm
that practises and encourages organic
farming. We have vegetables, herbs,

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We boast of high quality breeds of
poultry which include backyard chicken,
geese and mallard ducks…
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Wild Birds

We have two species of wild birds:
Quails and guinea fowls…
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MITONS ECOFARM is an ecofarm in Mt. Kenya
region, established in 2012. It breeds only top quality
birds and therefore we sell top quality chicks and
eggs. The farm currently has Japanese quails,
guinea fowls, Mallard ducks, geese and local
chicken. We also keep dairy goats for milk
production at the farm.
We breed up our birds to be better and stronger for
flight ability, meat, and egg laying.



Our commitment to all our customers is to supply the
finest and top quality hatching eggs, chicks and adult
birds that you can find.
Our birds are fed with an excellent quality feed,
supplemented with vitamins and probiotics. The birds
are only fed in the morning, so they do not become
docile. This also helps them better adapt to their new



We also raise our birds in facilities that are isolated
from the public. This method enhances their
wild-flight instincts and capabilities. The purpose of
the company is to have poultry especially wild birds,
as a preferred source of white meat and eggs in
most households in Kenya.



The opportunity is to capture the market of middle
class people opting for white meat and desiring to
eat healthily. Some indigenous people in Kenya and
Africa in general, eat wild quail meat as a rare
delicacy, hunting it clandestinely seasonally. Because
of this habit, the quail is almost extinct in several
parts of Kenya, so breeding the birds in cages will
once more re-introduce it on the stands in the
butcheries and the dinner tables.



The company values healthy birds’ meat and egg
production so that the products are free of
contaminants in the food chain. Breeding the birds in
cages would be an alternative source of income for
those who want to keep small animals for livelihood



Breeding small birds like quails, is less labour
intensive and can be more lucrative than keeping
goats and cattle as is the practice in rural Africa.
More so, the damage to the environment is much
smaller or even non-existent, as compare to the
goats and cattle. The returns are faster and the
family can also consume some of the birds and eggs
and yet still make an income from the sale of the